Is Granite the Best Countertop Material?

Before buying a granite countertop, you should know that they are significantly heavier than quartz. For a 30-square-foot slab of granite, it will weigh about 19 pounds. By comparison, a 30-square-foot slab of quartz will weigh more than two refrigerators. While the heavy weight of a granite countertop is certainly an advantage, the cost of a 30-square-foot quartz countertop will make it impossible for many homeowners to justify the expense. However, it should be noted that the advantages of quartz over granite outweigh the downsides.

Although both granite and quartz have their own advantages, the natural beauty of both materials makes them the most popular material for countertops. Granite offers a variety of colors, texture, and durability. Both quartzite and granite are highly resistant to stains and heat. A few questions to ask your granite countertop installer before installing it. Granite countertops are also known to be more expensive than quartzite. Granite counters have a natural appeal that is hard to replicate with a synthetic alternative.

Quartz is an engineered stone that has a very hard surface. It contains 95 percent natural quartz particles. These particles are held together by a durable resin. Compared to granite, quartz requires almost no maintenance. It is almost impenetrable and rarely needs to be sealed. You can use your quartz countertop for several years and it will remain looking new without any sealing or caulking. Granite countertops are also very popular for their durability. Granite countertops can last for a decade or more, and will last as long as your kitchen or bathroom renovations do.

As for the cost, a granite countertop can cost anywhere from $325 to $2500. The price will vary depending on the quality of the slab, the manufacturer, the installer, and where you live. However, granite countertops are a luxury product and will not depreciate in value. Therefore, they are an excellent investment in your home. However, the costs will vary a lot, and you must consider all factors before committing to buying one.

Another benefit of a granite countertop is that it is resistant to heat and scratching. Spilled liquids and hot pots and pans won’t ruin your granite countertop, even if they are not sealed. Unlike quartz, granite can withstand heat without cracking but can be damaged by high-impact blows. Quartz is another option, which is nearly indestructible. Compared to granite, quartz is easy to keep bacteria-free.

A granite countertop can be the focal point of any room. Its neutral colors and natural swirl patterns make it one of the most attractive materials for countertops. There are more than 20 different shades of granite, making it easy to find the perfect match for your kitchen. So, if you want to make your kitchen the focal point, consider a granite countertop. If you’re not a fan of natural stone, you can go for a quartzite countertop instead. For more details visit